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Layer Technology

Lorpen socks are truly special.These aren’t your run-of-the-mill cotton socks that make you sweat and then fall apart and slip down into your boots. Lorpen has scoured the globe to find the most advanced fibres and use these to create socks that defy everything you’ve known about what you put on your feet. As soon as you try on a pair, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Once you’ve tried on a pair of our socks that are designed to stay up all day long and manage warmth and moisture, you’ll never be able to wear another brand of socks ever again.

To help you understand why wearing a pair of Lorpen socks is such an experience, please check out the technical engineering that goes into each pair of socks.

T3 Technology Keeps Your Feet Dry


Lorpen is the only sock brand in the world that manufactures socks with 3 layers of yarn differentiated (T3 Technology). It includes:

  • A hydrophobic yarn in contact with the skin that wicks the moisture outside keeping the skin dry.
  • A hydrophilic yarn in the mid-outer side that absorbs the moisture out of the skin and spreads it for a faster drying.
  • A resistant yarn in the outside (usually Nylon) that protects the areas most exposed to friction depending on type and level of activity.

The most basic socks incorporate one fiber with nylon in the middle (T1). The socks considered as more technical have two layers (T2), with one yarn that could blend different type of fibers (hydrophobic and hydrophilic) offering a limited performance for the foot, and nylon reinforcements in certain areas. Only our exclusive T3 technology provides the maximum performance of each type of yarn for the maximum benefit for the athlete’s feet.

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T2 socks combine two different fibres for a more advanced experience. Typically, a layer of hydrophobic fibre is combined with a hydrophilic fibres. The first layer draws moisture away from the foot while the second layer pushes moisture to the outside of the socks where it can evaporate. These socks have a flat knit toe seam with EA. Lycra and Nylon for support. Each sock will use different fibres depending on the weather it is designed for. Different levels of cushioning and thickness are available depending on the style.

T1 socks use a single layer of technical fabric combined with EA. Lycra and Nylon. They are engineered with the same flat-knit toe seam and arch support that all of our socks have. Typically, these socks use a fibre that provides exceptional moisture management to keep your feet dry and warm or cool depending on the category of sock.

T3 socks are for those who want the most out of their Lorpen sock experience. 3 layers of fibres are used here with different moisture management and warmth/cooling properties to create a the most comfortable environment for your feet. Fibers such as COOLMAX®, TENCEL®, Primaloft® and Merino Wool are typically used together in these socks. Knit with a flat knit toe seam and with EA. Lycra® and Nylon to ensure they stay up on your feet all day long.

T3+ socks represent the most advanced technology we’ve created. These are designed for extreme weather conditions where moisture and warmth management can mean the difference between life and death. These socks were developed by Lorpen through years of research and testing above 8,000 meters. Lorpen adventurers have used these socks to climb some of the highest mountains in the world where warm feet can mean the difference between a successful ascent or turning back. T3+ socks are hand knit and have an anatomically correct shape for left vs. right feet. These socks are for those who never want to worry about cold feet again.

The Best Yarn Technology for Cold Weather


The addition of Primaloft® yarn improves the drying rate and insulation property of these socks when compared to traditional 100% Merino socks.


The slickness of the Primaloft® polyester added to the merino helps to reduce hot spots and blister formation.


Lorpen´s Primaloft® / Merino T3 socks are washed with an exclusive nanosoftener that penetrates the core of the fiber for a softer feel. In
addition the Primaloft® yarn makes the sock significantly more durable and with a better after wash appearance.





The new T3 technology is based on our development and technical optimization of the T3 structure. It retains all of the advantages of T3 and adds additional features in order to ensure total comfort for the most extreme sports or activities.

T-Series Technology was developed by Lorpen as a way of combining synthetic and natural fibres in a way that would provide maximum warmth in cold weather and moisture management in warm weather.

Our mission is to develop the best performance socks on the market. T-Series Technology is the result of that drive. T-Series raises the bar in sock design by combining three layers that work together to provide superior comfort and sock performance. These layers provide three major benefits; better moisture management, lasting comfort and increased durability.

T-Series socks perform at the level you need them to, over and over again. T-Series represents endless hours of research, development, and field testing.

For Warm Weather and Intense Aerobic Activities


  • Reduces the chance of irritation during long and intense activities.
  • Reduces the chance of getting “clammy feet”.
  • Less chance for bacteria growth in the toe area.
  • Improved technology for better performance.