To get a technical sock, it is essential to implement the best textile technologies and work with the best fibers on the market. We are the only brand in the world that manufactures socks with T3 Technology, which is created with three different layers of yarn:

    • A hydrophobic layer thread in contact with the skin that expels sweat and keeps the skin dry.
    • A hydrophilic layer thread in the outer midsection that wicks sweat away from the skin.
    • A strong layer thread that protects areas exposed to friction.

In our relentless efforts to improve the performance of our socks, we have once again taken our technology to previously unknown limits: we have discovered the Selective Layering System. This is a technology that allows us to combine different numbers of layers in the same sock, located in different areas of the sock, as required by the activity. We were the only ones who succeeded in constructing T3 socks with three real layers. Now we are able to use that technology in an even more technologically smart way.


An independent lab test conducted in North Carolina (U.S.A.) showed that the T3 combination of CoolMax® & Tencel® fibers provided the best results in vertical wicking and moisture absorption, when compared with a variety of traditional yarns used in the construction of athletic socks. This indicates that a person using the T3 combination of yarns could perform at a higher level than when using traditional socks designs. At Lorpen we guarantee the highest performance in our sports socks!

Improved moisture wicking: Vertical wicking test with same light weight socks with different compositions. The bigger the number the better the wicking capabilities.

More efficient distribution of moisture aways from the foot: The moisture is moved quickly away from the foot and due to the properties of Tencel®, it is distributed over the sock for faster evaporation.


At Lorpen we work with some of the best fibers on the market such as Primaloft, Nylon, Coolmax, Tencel and Merino Wool, among others. Thanks to this we are able to manufacture one of the most elastic, adaptable, durable and resistant socks in the entire international market. In addition, the incorporation of these fibers, together with the combination of T3 and SLS technology, offers a series of advantages and high performance, such as:

  • Improves drying speed.
  • Increases insulation properties.
  • Increase sock comfort.
  • Reduces the risk of blisters, irritations and bacteria.