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This   fully reinforced model has been designed for the hunter who wants a very   thick sock that protects his feet against extreme cold even when he is not   moving.

73%Merino Wool 16%Red-Cycled nylon 11%Stretch nylon with lycra


Height: Over Calf (Hits just below knee, just above the top of the calf)
Reinforcement: Whole Sock
Cushioned: Full Sock
Season: Winter
Thin (1/4)Medium (2/4)Thick (3/4)Very Thick (4/4)
Thickness: Very Thick (4/4)


Comfort Plus

An anti-squeeze garter technology making our socks more comfortable and able to adapt to all calves. It offers added grip without leaving marks or causing discomfort.


Technology for technical socks with two differentiated layers of yarn, blending different types of fibers to offer limited performance for athletes.


Merino Wool

Due to the long length and short diameter of the fiber, Merino sheep's wool creates a softer yarn with a finer loop that is softer to the touch than wool from other species of sheep. The fiber's core is hydrophilic (water retaining) and breathable. Since it retains heat even when damp, it is the fiber used in the middle layer of our T3 socks and the main fiber in our T2 socks for use in colder temperatures.

Red Cycled Nylon

Red-Cycled Nylon yarn is 100% made with fish nets whose useful life in the fishing industry has come to an end. Instead of becoming a hazard at the bottom of the ocean or garbage elsewhere, they are recycled into a new nylon yarn. This continuous fiber yarn is characterized by its strength and cushioning capacity. This is the fiber that is most resistant to wear and tear.

Stretch Nylon with Lycra

Lycra is a synthetic elastane fiber that can stretch up to six times its length and go back to its original state again and again. Its strategic placement in the outer layer of Lorpen socks guarantees a long life for our socks. Along with Nylon, Lycra is characterized by its strength and cushioning capacity.


Technical composition: 73%Merino Wool 16%Red-Cycled nylon 11%Stretch nylon with lycra

Legal composition: 73%Wool 25%Polyamide 2%Elastane

* The technical composition offers details on the type of thread and material. The legal composition refers to the net amount of each material. Differences between the two compositions may arise in socks made with more than one material.

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