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Slide Hydrophobic yarn in contact with the skin that wicks the moisture outside keeping the skin dry. T3 Technology Keeps Your Feet Dry Lorpen is the only sock brand in the world that manufactures socks with 3 layers of yarn differentiated (T3 Technology). It includes: Hydrophobic yarn in contact with the skin that wicks the moisture outside keeping the skin dry. Resistant yarn in the outside (usually Nylon) that protects the areas most exposed to friction depending on type and level of activity. moisture wicking New Limits in Layer Technology

The new T3 technology is based on our development and technical optimization of the T3 structure. It retains all of the advantages of T3 and adds additional features in order to ensure total comfort for the most extreme sports or activities.

T-Series Technology was developed by Lorpen as a way of combining synthetic and natural fibres in a way that would provide maximum warmth in cold weather and moisture management in warm weather.

Our mission is to develop the best performance socks on the market. T-Series Technology is the result of that drive. T-Series raises the bar in sock design by combining three layers that work together to provide superior comfort and sock performance. These layers provide three major benefits; better moisture management, lasting comfort and increased durability.

T-Series socks perform at the level you need them to, over and over again. T-Series represents endless hours of research, development, and field testing.


  • Reduces the chance of irritation during long and intense activities.
  • Reduces the chance of getting “clammy feet”.
  • Less chance for bacteria growth in the toe area.
  • Improved technology for better performance.

Slide Our award winning socks are then tested by labs in the US to ensure that our moisture management technologies perform to their maximum potential. Lorpen Technical Sock Breakdown T3 Construction Each Lorpen sock is engineered with the same innovative technical components to ensure a proper fit and level of comfort. DRY FEET Our lab tests have consistently proven that a combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres decreases the time it takes for moisture to be wicked away from the foot. THERMOREGULATION FIT Lorpen socks are designed to fit each foot size properly, without wrinkles that could cause blisters. The elasticity is created with elastane yarn. CUSHIONING Every sport activity demands different type of sock thickness and density design. Cushioned areas in pressure points, open mesh in cooling areas, etc. Lorpen technical socks incorporate their own specific density engineering that we call MDK = Multiple Density Knit.