Good technical socks require the best textile technology and the best yarns on the market. There are four aspects to determine if a technical sock, regardless of the thread count, is good quality. They are as follows:

1. Elasticity and adaptability

These attributes ensure the sock fits each foot size properly, without wrinkles or creases that can cause blisters. Stretch Nylon yarn, with elastane core, provides the elasticity. Lycra® is the best elastane yarn on the market. Lorpen uses up to 10% Stretch Nylon yarn with Lycra throughout the structure of its socks, a level which is unsurpassed on the world market. That’s why Lorpen socks fit so well after years of use and multiple washes.
1. Elasticity and adaptability

2. The toe seam

There is no sock without a toe seam. If someone tells you they are selling one, they are lying. A cheap sock will have a protruding linear seam facing inward at the top of the toe area. A mediocre sock will have a protruding seam in the same area facing out. A Lorpen technical sock has a non-protruding seam joining one stitch flat with the next. That’s why we call it the SBS toe seam (or stitch by stitch toe seam).
2. The toe seam

3. Multiple density

Every sport activity demands different type of sock thickness and density design. With protective cushions for high impact areas, open mesh venting in certain areas, etc., Lorpen technical socks incorporate their own specific density engineering that we call MDK (Multiple Density Knit).
3. Multiple density

4. Resistance and durability

The outer yarn of all socks used in high-performance activity and areas of friction should be extremely resistant (Nylon 6.6). The entire sock is covered in Nylon for all socks in Lorpen’s high-performance lines while the intermediate lines have reinforcement in high-friction areas.
4. Resistance and durability


Since we use the cutting-edge technology and the best yarns in the world, Lorpen socks offer unique benefits and allow athletes to reach top performance. These benefits notable include:


Primaloft® polyester improves drying speed and insulation vs traditional 100% merino wool socks.



The slickness of the Primaloft® polyester added to the merino helps to reduce hot spots and blister formation.


Our socks are washed with an exclusive nanosoftener that penetrates the core of the fiber for a softer feel.