Our Values

t3 light hiker climber Passionate Mountain Tribe We are located in a region of splendid mountains that is full of history, tradition, and magic share by both the community that inhabits the region and the employees of Lorpen. We share two passions: the natural environment, the mountains, the “great wide open” (which gives us the credibility of being users of our own product) and the love of – and belief in – our socks. designing lorpen socks Makers Care We have been manufacturers for more than 30 years, which has given us freedom to innovate and control over quality – and which, above all, has made us more involved. We have our own factories and specialized machine but, above all, we have the same commitment and passion for craftsmanship with which we started. lorpen runners Independent Specialists We do one thing only and one thing right. Our specialization guarantees our expertise and our excellence in the field of sports socks. We have the knowledge, experience and courage to create our own rules in the category, such as our layer technology or our Polartec socks.

Lorpen are makers of innovative technical socks that are engineered in the Pyrenees. Lorpen has scoured the globe to find the most advanced natural and synthetic fibers to create the most advanced socks on the market. Lorpen socks are available in more than 60 countries worldwide.


We work with ambition and the ability to take on the unknown, developing exclusive technologies.


We have been manufacturers involved in all stages of production for more than 30 years, with freedom to innovate and offer maximum reliability in the quality of our products.


We are mountaineers, skiers, specialists and experts in a single product. We
only make socks and we make them better than anyone else.


We apply the most advanced level of textile engineering and technology, based on love of and respect for nature, where we live and enjoy ourselves.