We are one of the four brands that make up Ternua Group. In Lorpen we have light feet, and with them we walk the path of technological innovation in the manufacture of sports socks from Etxalar, a small Navarrese town in the Pyrenees. From there we advance, alongside users and distributors, to the highest peaks in more than 60 countries.

At Lorpen we work with one foot on intelligence and the other on imagination, with one foot on the specialization and functionality of our products and the other on the mystique of effort in the midst of an imposing natural landscape. We are a brand with authenticity and determination, with roots and ideas, with our feet on the ground and our minds in the sky.

At Lorpen we work according to a series of values!



We work with great ambition and skill to tackle the unknown, thus developing exclusive fibers and technologies, such as T3 and SLS. To do this, we use the most advanced sock manufacturing techniques in our designs. Additionally, we implement feedback and expertise from professional athletes, such as runners and trail runners, to advance each new generation of socks.



At Lorpen we are specialists and experts in a single product: technical and innovative socks, designed for different outdoor activities, such as; trekking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, trail running, running, etc. We only make sports socks, but we do it better than anyone.


Ambition and Dedication

At Lorpen we have been manufacturers for more than 30 years, which has given us the freedom to innovate and control the quality of our products, but above all, it has made us more involved with what we do and how we do it. In addition, we continue with the same commitment and passion with which we started in 1985.



We apply the most advanced level of textile engineering and technology, based on love and respect for human beings and nature, in which we live and enjoy. At Lorpen we attach great importance to what, but even more to how, that is why we do not lose sight of our commitment to people and the planet.