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The only biodegradable sock in the world, made with fabrics and not yarns. It combines Sensil BioCare fabric with PrimaloftBio as filling. The seams are also made using Sensil BioCare but in the form of a yarn. The cuff has been made from chlorine-free wool. During its useful life, the crew sock version helps to reduce the discomfort of the wearer in extreme cold conditions, both during activity and at rest. And at the end of its useful life, it will never become litter, thanks to the fact that it is biodegradable.

72%Sensil Biocare 13%Primaloft BIO 13%Merino Wool 2%Stretch Nylon with Lycra


Reinforcement: No
Cushioned: Super Heavy
Season: Winter
Thin (1/4)Medium (2/4)Thick (3/4)Very Thick (4/4)
Thickness: Very Thick (4/4)


T3 Plus

Exclusive technology with three differentiated layers of yarn, allowing for peak performance from each type of yarn and providing maximum benefits for athletes in the most extreme climates.


Merino Wool

Due to the long length and short diameter of the fiber, Merino sheep's wool creates a softer yarn with a finer loop that is softer to the touch than wool from other species of sheep. The fiber's core is hydrophilic (water retaining) and breathable. Since it retains heat even when damp, it is the fiber used in the middle layer of our T3 socks and the main fiber in our T2 socks for use in colder temperatures.

Primaloft Bio

100% post-consumer recycled fiber that is biodegradable. A circular technology. ASTM D5511 tested, a standard test method for determining anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials under high-solids anaerobic-digestion conditions.

Sensil Biocare

SensilBioCare® is a biodegradable fabric and yarn made of very elastic nylon. It is produced so as to reduce its carbon footprint, save energy, preserve water, reduce waste, provide a safe work environment, and offer a plant powered by cogeneration. It has been ASTM D6691 and ASTM D5511 tested.


Technical composition: 72%Sensil Biocare 13%Primaloft BIO 13%Merino Wool 2%Stretch Nylon with Lycra

Legal composition: 69%Polyamide 13%Polyester 13%Merino Wool 5%Elastane

* The technical composition offers details on the type of thread and material. The legal composition refers to the net amount of each material. Differences between the two compositions may arise in socks made with more than one material.